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Black C-Class Medium

Crafted With Luxury Materials

The Beautyrest Black C Class Medium was made with a great deal of attention to detail and with the goal of providing one of the best firm luxury mattresses available.


  • Firm Comfort That’s Not Hard
  • The Highest Quality Support
  • Two Cooling Components
  • Reduced Motion Transfer
  • Premium Comfort for the Luxury Shopper
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Black C-Class Medium Pillow Top

One of the Top Luxury Mattresses On the Market

The Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Pillow Top provides an excellent combination of comfort, performance, and luxury. If you would prefer a firm but not hard level of comfort, I highly recommend this mattress. It’s certainly one of the best luxury mattresses available today.


  • Incredibly Comfortable and Consistent
  • Effective Support System is Among the Best
  • Quality Temperature Control
  • Numerous Premium Comfort Materials
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Black C-Class Plush

Soft, Luxurious Comfort Level

The Beautyrest Black C Class Plush is among the top mattresses available in the Beautyrest collection. Built using a top-tier coil system and comfort materials, this mattress makes a great choice if you like a softer feel but don’t want a pillow top.


  • Soft and Supportive Comfort
  • Support System is One of the Best
  • Impressive Multistage Cooling System
  • Constructed From Premium Materials
  • Perfect If You Want a Soft Level of Comfort
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Black C-Class Plush Pillow Top

Among Our Top Picks In The Luxury Category

The Beautyrest Black C Class Plush Pillow Top is one of the best feeling soft mattresses on the market right now. Made using luxury comfort components and one of the best coil systems, this mattress comes complete with everything you need to start enjoying soft, supportive, and restful sleep.


  • Luxury Materials Ensure Enveloping Comfort
  • Technology That Supplies Superior Support
  • The Pinnacle Of Comfortably Cool Sleep
  • Certified Comfort Components
  • Want Soft Comfort? This is for you
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Black K-Class Firm Pillow Top

Among the Best Beautyrest Mattresses

The Beautyrest Black K Class Firm Pillow Top includes everything you’d expect a top level mattress to have. It’s designed to keep you comfortably cool while supplying body-cradling pressure point relief and solid support to the lower back.


  • Firm And Still Comfortable
  • One of the Top Support Systems Available Today
  • Sleep Cooler, Rest Better
  • High Grade Quality Guaranteed
  • Is This The Best Choice For Me?
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Black K-Class Medium

The Definition of Luxurious Comfort

The Beautyrest Black K Class Medium is the top Beautyrest mattress available in the top-tier Black collection. This mattress blends the best comfort materials available with an attention to detail and craftsmanship not many mattresses possess today.


  • A Near Perfect Comfort Level
  • The Top Support System, Tripled
  • Cool Rest For A Brighter Day
  • You Can Rest Easily
  • Is This Good For Your Preferences?
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Black K-Class Ultra Plush Pillow Top

Softest Top-Tier Mattress Available

The Beautyrest Black K Class Ultimate Plush Pillow Top is the ideal choice for anyone looking for the best soft mattress from Beautyrest. It’s made using the very best comfort materials, support system, and cooling solution in the Beautyrest lineup, and it is designed to deliver maximum pressure relief.


  • Soft, Enveloping Feeling of Comfort
  • Brilliant Support System
  • Multistage Cooling System Ensures Cool Comfort
  • Fantastic Quality Is Guaranteed
  • Is This The Number One Mattress For You?
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Black L-Class Extra Firm

Luxurious Extra Firm Comfort Without a Big Price Tag

The Beautyrest Black L Class Extra Firm is the firmest model in the line and includes many of the same bells and whistles found in the top of the line but at a lower price, making it a great value for the extra firm mattress lover.


  • Extra Firm, With Some Initial Padding
  • High Grade Support
  • Less Heat Allows For More Rest
  • Provides Durability and Pressure Relief
  • Prefer extra firm comfort? This is for you.
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Black L-Class Medium

Luxuriously Firm Level of Comfort

The Beautyrest Black L Class Medium mattress makes a phenomenal choice if you like a firm but not hard level of comfort and want something that feels luxurious.


  • Firm Yet Comfy Overall Feel
  • One of the Top Support Systems Available
  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Utilizes Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam
  • Want Firm Comfort? You’ll Love This


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Black L-Class Medium Pillow Top

Balanced Blend of Comfort and Support

The Beautyrest Black L-Class Medium Pillow Top has a great combination of initial softness and firm underlying support. This design makes use of some of the top components on the market to provide you with a luxurious sleep experience.


  • One of the Most Impressive All-Around Comforts in the Line
  • One of the Best Support Systems Out There
  • Cool, Luxurious Comfort
  • Brilliantly Designed Gel Memory Foam
  • Ideal for a Firm Mattress Lover
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Black L-Class Plush

Luxurious Comfort Plus Adaptability

The Beautyrest Black L Class Plush is one of two mattresses in the Beautyrest Black collection this year that has a really neutral level of comfort. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, this mattress is designed to offer you a wonderful blend of comfort and support. Like other mattresses in the collection, the L Class Plush is made from some of the best comfort materials Beautyrest has available.


  • Plush, Conforming Comfort With Firm Support
  • The Best Support System Beautyrest Has To Offer
  • Some of the Coolest Sleep Possible
  • High Grade Gel Memory Foam
  • A Great All-Around Luxury Model


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Black L-Class Plush Pillow Top

Luxuriously Soft Comfort

The Beautyrest Black L-Class Plush Pillow Top is the first plush pillow top in the collection and makes a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a soft level of comfort that’s gentle for pressure points and still quite supportive. Crafted from some of the best materials in the Beautyrest line, this mattress is made to be very comfortable.


  • Enveloping Softness That’s Also Supportive
  • Remarkably Supportive
  • Top Quality Cooling
  • Top-of-the-Line Comfort Materials
  • Soft Luxury
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